Public Quimerus Minecraft server

In our quest to try all kinds of video games and interactive experiences we have created our own server Minecraft known to all, the third best-selling video game of all history today and currently selling 10,000 copies daily.

The URL is and is constantly evolving.

The following video explains how to connect to the server and  then you can find some websites where you will find information on how to get the most out of the game.

Main Minecraft webs

Parla Bytes; Retro gaming with love

Witnessing what has been our first Parla Bytes November 29 (accompanied by our good friend Jorge Moratilla, alias Holojorge) seeking a closer environment with the gamer audience, especially older games users closest to what will be our first creation.
Far away on the idea of a Madrid Games Week or like we found a cozy fair nearby, made with care and a lot of people eager to share their creations and knowledge of everything from video games to manual and craft work.
First we attended a technical talk of our friends CheapCade, which perform recreational small Raspberry Pi using a heart like it.

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Computerspielemuseum; a museum about the evolution of video games

We were in Berlin a month ago and we achieved to visit the Computerspielemuseum, one of the best places for a video game fan and also for people that want to know more about this topic from a serious point of view.

You can see all of the pictures in our  album!


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Presentations on the benefits of using video games in our health

Following a series of articles related to medical studies and opinions from health professionals about the benefits that video games have on our health, whether we are healthy as if we are in some kind of treatment, this time we want to share with you some videos about the issue that we felt successful and interesting. Soon we hope to conduct interviews in Spanish on investigations and associations in our country related to video games as therapy for health benefits such as Juegaterapia. The main conclusions are:

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Health video games; Life beyond FPS

From Quimerus have never hidden our devotion to the video  games and our special relationship with initiatives like Juegaterapia, and we want to introduce you to a plot of the games that the media are determined not to show, probably because news headers are not as impressive and interesting suppose.

These are the “Serious Games”, educational video games whose purpose is explicit and carefully planned, and are not intended to be played just for fun. This discipline has an “official” site, from where you can access different information to locate us in our search, as there are different types of serious games, each specializing in different disciplines such as health, simulators, based on learning, persuasive …

In many cases these projects are carried out by public institutions and many others through private initiatives (sometimes called crazy by those blessed entrepreneurs).

These video games have place in festivals such as “Fun & Serious Game Festival”, where the best serious video games are awarded each year.

The winner of 2011, Playmancer, is a very good example of “Serious Game”, used in therapies against impulsive disorders (pathological gambling, bulimia …)

In general it should be clear that these games are not enough by themselves, but are an adjunct therapies directed by medical professionals.

And when it comes to health there is a good catalog backed by the “Games for Health“, whose annual conference will be June 12 in Boston.

These studies support associations result from the use of video games as therapy and is generally used by professionals shows that they know when it may be beneficial to use this tool and the type of patient who can benefit from it, patients benefit the use of these tools.

In the video below there is a summary of the status of the Serious Games in the last lecture “Games for Health 2011” and introduced game prescribing to patients. And after watching the video we would like to review contárais have about this topic.
It is a vast world to explode and that is still green as it only has 20 years of existence and has not been until the last decade when it has received a definite boost, but can give us a lot of joy.

An example of this is the proliferation as a result of successful games like Kinect motion sensors, which has sold 18 million units, or video games like “Brain Age” that only in the first years of release and has sold more than 20 million copies.

Delve into this subject in future posts, as it is an issue that needs to examine some of these games, initiatives and issues more closely.

Not everything in life is Call of Duty guys!

Responsible use of video games and its benefits

In recent times we have observed as to each word of a slaughter of innocents at the hands of a psychopath, usually in USA, the overweight adolescents or a death by excessive hours of play, it is automatically criminalizes a product, video games.

In contrast, other products such as film are not mistreated in this way when they have the same negative effect if used without responsibility and control, so that the question is whether this different treatment from the media is fair or not.

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